Safer 3 Early Education Drowning Prevention Program

Can you help spread the word? Do you know of a preschool, elementary school, YMCA, Park & Recreation Programs or other youth care agencies that would be interested in teaching the curriculum?

As many of you are aware, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, in partnership with The Swim for Life Foundation and sponsored by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has completed the Safer 3 Early Education Drowning Prevention Program.

The lessons in the curriculum have been developed to help preschool through early primary-grade children understand basic water safety utilizing the Safer 3 Drowning Prevention Program. There are two different methods of teaching the curriculum:

Complete Binder:
The Curriculum Binders are intended for those who:

• Will teach the complete 10-hour, 2-week course in a school setting.
• Will introduce the curriculum into schools in your area.

We are limited in the number of binders that are available through the CPSC grant, so we want to be sure they are properly utilized for the purposes explained above.

Online Downloads:
The online version of the curriculum is intended for those who:

• Will teach certain lessons plans, but perhaps not in a formal classroom setting. The online version allows you to download the complete lesson plans, activity sheets, games and song lyrics.
• Want to promote water safety, but do not have the time for formal instruction. You can choose the pieces of the curriculum that best suit your needs.

Thank you for joining our effort to save lives through drowning education. We hope that you will learn, along with the students, that Drowning IS Preventable… Follow the Safer 3!

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