Loma Linda FD Reminds Residents 'Children Drown Without a Sound'

The Loma Linda Fire Department has joined a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of drowning prevention and pool safety, Chief Jeff Roddy announced Thursday.

An estimated 90 child drownings have been reported nationwide since Memorial Day 2012, according to a July 20 report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The Loma Linda Fire Department campaign is to ensure drowning and entrapment prevention become "important public safety priorities by raising awareness, promoting industry compliance and improving safety at pools and spas," Engineer Jeff Luzadas wrote in a report.

According to Luzadas, the Loma Linda Fire Department has taken the following steps:

- Drowning prevention posters are displayed on the fire apparatus.
- Firefighters are canvasing the neighborhoods in order to distribute drowning prevention awareness material to every Loma Linda residence with pools.
- Firefighters are providing drowning prevention training to all interested multi-family complexes with pools.
- Drowning awareness messages are being broadcasted on the local cable TV channel.
- A Drowning Prevention message is being displayed on the digital message sign in front the Loma Linda Civic Center.

For more information about the Pool Safely and the Consumer Safety Product Commission, visit