A New Name... the Same Mission

Tustin, CA – October 11, 2012 - The Swim for Life Foundation, a drowning prevention non-profit organization based in Tustin, CA, will change its name to the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation. Effective October 11, 2012, all future foundation activity will be conducted using the new name.

Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation more closely defines the organization’s mission: Protect every life from drowning through education and heightened water safety awareness.

The Swim for Life Foundation Board of Directors voted for the name change in March 2012. In addition to changing the name, the foundation will also update one of the Safer 3 elements: ‘Safer Kids’ will become ‘Safer People,’ unless specifically being used for the kids drowning prevention programs. The changes were closely considered after much discussion regarding the future of the organization.

“Growth necessitates change. Swim for Life Foundation no longer adequately represented our foundation, our programs and our commitment to drowning prevention. The new name now accurately reflects the foundation’s mission and programs, specifically the Safer 3 Early Education Drowning Prevention Program, a preschool curriculum created to teach water safety in a classroom setting,” said Jim Spiers, Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation President.

The foundation will continue to use the blue circle logo with the three abstract swimmers that represent the three elements of the Safer 3: Safer Water, Safer People, Safer Response. The Safer 3 triangle, with use of the water safety characters, will stay a part of the organization’s graphic identity for the kids programs.

About Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation:
Based in Tustin, CA, the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation (formerly Swim for Life Foundation) was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2004 by a group of passionate aquatic professionals who recognized a need for public education about the frequency of drowning incidents. The foundation created a program called the Safer 3, which is a comprehensive initiative to dramatically reduce drowning incidents by recognizing the ever-present risk that is associated with water activities and determining which safety strategies should be employed in each situation. Drowning IS Preventable! Information about the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation can be found at