A Different Take on the Nationwide 'Make Safe Happen' Campaign

After watching the Nationwide commercial during the Super Bowl, we knew that the powerful message would not sit well with much of the American audience. Since the airing of the commercial, there are two polar opposite views on the commercial's effectiveness. Do we think that the commercial was shocking? Yes. Do we think that the commercial could have shared the same important message in a different way? Perhaps. But, we do know that people are talking about preventable injuries in a way that the public has never done so before.

We agree with so many of the points made in the article "A Different Take on the Nationwide 'Make Safe Happen' Campaign," written by KID (Kids in Danger). Perhaps this is the statement that we agree with the most: "Because the truth is that we can all work together to make our homes safer for the children that live, visit, and play in them. Many people assume that these horrific scenes will never happen in their own homes but the sad truth is that these scenes are happening and they are happening too often."

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