Safer Water - The First Steps to Swimming Safety

Unsupervised pool swimming by a child is a prescription for tragedy.  So is an
unattended pool, bucket of water, open toilet or bathtub for a toddler. The most serious accidents typically begin with such seemingly innocent mistakes.  

Fortunately, complete water and swimming safety are easy to obtain. It just takes a little education, thought and effort. Water can be made safer simply by becoming aware of its dangers and taking preventative measures to reduce risk factors.  

Pool safety can be drastically improved with the installation, maintenance and proper use of fencing, self-closing gates, latches, pool covers, alarms and additional safety equipment to protect the aquatic perimeter. These devices are proven to work for pool safety, so why aren’t they more widely used?  We believe it’s because of the cost and intrusiveness of the equipment, as well as the general lack of awareness of water safety issues in the community. We hope to fix that.

Watch this 7-minute video for a great intro into the most important pool safety steps.

A Catalyst for Pool Safety Innovation:

Technology is becoming available that reduces the cost and intrusiveness of pool
safety equipment, while increasing its effectiveness. If this technology is just applied to products designed to make water safer, everyone wins. We can play a key role to make this happen.

By increasing awareness of water dangers, the Safer 3 will become a catalyst for
innovation. Increasing awareness increases the size of the potential market for pool
safety equipment, which in turn attracts entrepreneurs and manufacturers who will
eventually develop better, safer, more affordable water safety products.

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