For Teachers

The Safer 3 message is the primary vehicle Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation uses to reach kids, parents and caregivers in order to create awareness of water safety issues and to educate them so as to dramatically reduce drowning incidents. We believe our approach will provide an education with measurable results. This section is designed to give educators and water instructors the tools to teach a safer water experience to their students.

  • Safer 3 Early Education Drowning Prevention Program

    The early education program, which meets national standards, will be available to any interested preschool, swim schools, after-school care programs, Park & Recreation Programs or other youth care agencies in the United States. Click for more details of the Safer 3 Early Education Drowning Prevention Program.

Event Resources
  • The Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation encourages individuals, organizations and swim schools across the country to host water safety events. We will provide you the tools necessary for a successful event. Click to learn more about this very important safety event.

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