Safer 3 Messenger Program

Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation was built on grass roots advocacy.  While we have grown over the years, some of our biggest supporters remain those who advocate the Safer 3 drowning prevention message in their communities.  Read and sign the Safer 3 Messenger Pledge below and become a water safety advocate for your community.  After signing the pledge, you will create a user name and password to gain access to our free resource section. 

Take the Messenger Pledge

As a Safer 3 Messenger, I understand and promise to abide by the ideals and practices of the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation. A key component of this campaign is its emphasis on identifying and reducing the RISK in, on or around the water for every person and family. We promote the use of the word “safer” vs. “safe.” No one should ever be considered completely water safe or drown proof. Nor should the words such as water safe or drown proof be used in conjunction with the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation or the Safer 3 program. Rather, we believe that, with proper swimming instruction and water safety education, everyone can become “safer” around the water.

I promise that proper and appropriate credit will be given to the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation when materials and the Safer 3 message are used. All materials must be used in the way they were designed and intended. All use of the materials in programming or advertising must be used in a positive way.

All funds raised in the name of the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation and the Safer 3 program must be forwarded to the Foundation office.

I understand and promise to abide by these guidelines and rules set forth in this pledge.