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Your success and your students’ success is Stop Drowning Now’s success. We want to move the needle and save lives. Eliminate Drowning by Educating Kids

We can end drowning in our lifetime. Public awareness and education focused on young children is the most powerful tool to prevent fatal and non-fatal drowning.

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death among children of all ages. It is a worldwide, tragic phenomenon. Yet we know from the success of other health programs that educate children early – smoking, seatbelts, fire safety, pedestrian safety – that once kids learn, they can truly lead social change and save lives.

Stop Drowning Now’s Water Safety Curriculum teaches kids how to recognize drowning risks and to protect themselves and others. The Curriculum is specifically designed for young kids’ learning needs. Through an experiential approach, kids participate in the discovery and identification process, and learn preventative measures as well as emergency responses.

Stop Drowning Now’s Curriculum Suite serves every school’s needs.

The Curriculum is fun and engaging. Through songs, games, stories and other hands-on, age-appropriate activities, children fully engage the mind and body. Children create and use props to understand drowning risks in a way that resonates with their developing brains. It is memorable and enjoyable. It is fun! Kids will bring this learning home and share with their families and friends.

Flagship Curriculum (22 hour comprehensive education)
Water Safety Week (5 hour program)
Water Safety Presentation (1 hour program)
Water Safety Puppet Show (45 minute program)
Water Safety Presentation for Parents (1 hour program)

How Do I Get Involved?

* Every school district, private school, home school and after-school program needs a Water Safety Curriculum. Stop Drowning Now will help them identify the one that is right for their student body, resources and teachers.

*You are the educator! Stop Drowning Now provides you with the tools to bring water safety and drowning prevention education to your students. It is unique, fun and desperately needed.

* Ready to educate to eliminate drowning? Simply visit the Educator Portal and register. There you will find a comprehensive online platform that will guide you through each part of the curriculum. You can choose activities based on what works best with your classroom, collect crucial data and download every item you need including supply list and activity time estimates.
WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Your success and your students’ success is Stop Drowning Now’s success. We want to move the needle to save lives. Please contact if you have any questions, info@StopDrowningNow.org