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What is the SDN Curriculum?

We can end drowning in our lifetime. Public awareness and education focused on young children is the most powerful tool to prevent fatal and non-fatal drowning.

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death among children of all ages. It is a worldwide, tragic phenomenon. Yet we know from the success of other health programs that educate children early – smoking, seatbelts, fire safety, pedestrian safety – that once kids learn, they can truly lead social change and save lives.

Stop Drowning Now’s Water Safety Curriculum teaches kids how to recognize drowning risks and to protect themselves and others. The Curriculum is specifically designed for young kids’ learning needs. Through an experiential approach, kids participate in the discovery and identification process, and learn preventative measures as well as emergency responses.

Stop Drowning Now’s Curriculum Suite Serves Every School’s Needs.

Every part of our curriculum suite is available through our online Educator Portal. Once you register for an account you will gain access to everything you will need to educate to eliminate drowning. Hand outs, parent letters, coloring sheets, songs, activities and more are all available for download. Each lesson plan has a full guide on how the material can be presented and includes times estimates and supply lists. Stop Drowning Now has designated which activities are recommended and leave room for the educator to decided what works best for their classroom.

In addition to the curriculum, the online platform also collects important data to help Stop Drowning Now and educators to determine how our program is making a difference.

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