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City & Community Partnerships

No Drown Towns

Help us eliminate drownings, one town at a time. Become a partner today and receive life saving materials for your residents and schools. As well as beautiful  co-branded event set up that includes everything you need from a custom EZ Up, Water Watcher tags, table cloth and more!

As part of the partnership between your community and Stop Drowning Now, you will have access to all of the resources that have been created to help spread the message of drowning prevention.  Together we can eliminate unnecessary death from drowning.   

Community/City Partnership :

Free access to online curriculum for all city residents, use of marketing materials for residents, guidance and support for Water Safety Days. Included with our partnerships are style guides for implementing Stop Drowning Now into your cities existing programs, and access to best practices techniques for events and usage of materials. National recognition as a drowning prevention partner city. As part of this partnership, you would get access to a local swim school and swim club partner who would assist in creating city water safety days, and who would help create local subcommittee organizations to help educate your residents, as well as access to the Stop Drowning Now High School Clubs.

Summary of Tools Available to all City Partners

-Online curriculum created specifically for Stop Drowning Now and for use by children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. 

-Access to digital files of print materials (coloring books, story books, Water Watcher Tags, Water Watcher Creation Station, water safety checklists, and much more)

-Co-branded marketing materials to help spread the Stop Drowning Now and your community including Water Watcher Tags, Table Cloth, Pop Up and More. Perfect for any community event. 

-Access to Stop Drowning Now Storyboards at special Member pricing for education events. 

-Access to an international committee of experts of aquatic education, swim school operation, drowning prevention, and much more.

No Drown Town
Stop Drowning Now's missions is to end drowning through education. Every day, approximately 10 people die from unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children age 14 or younger. But we see a future in which no one drowns.
Stop Drowning Now wishes to decrease and eventually eliminate these staggering statistics through extensive community education. Stop Drowning Now offers programing for children, schools, parents and more, using the Safer 3 to deliver our water safety message. Safer water, Safer Kids and Safer Response.
Be the Change
We need your help. As a Stop Drowning City, our curriculum and lifesaving materials will reach thousands of households. Drowning prevention information will be delivered to their inbox and community Water Safety Days will bring awareness to the forefront.
Your City
A partnership with Stop Drowning Now can be utilized on many levels, whether within a swim school, a local city, county, state, or even nationally. As part of the partnership between your community and Stop Drowning Now, you will have access to all of the resources that have been created to help spread the message of drowning prevention. Together we can eliminate unnecessary death from drowning.
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Ready to save lives? Contact us at info@stopdrowning for more information.
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